This blog is a journal of my own personal experience or recover from Sex/Porn Addiction, this will hopefully act as a outlet for me, as a control for me, as a guide for those seeking help for themselves or for their partners that may have discovered the secret hidden addiction.  I am starting to write this part way into my recovery.

If you have found my story because you are struggling with addiction yourself then please look at the next 3 links to see if it can help you get started on your own recovery

You can read my first blog post by clicking here

Hear My Step One Chair

Do your own 30 Day Challenge – read about it by clicking here


I originally choose the title of my site as I wanted to move Beyond the Porn Addiction that I was suffering – in my journey I have found that actually the issues that led to where I got to; go Beyond Porn Addiction…it is multi layered and actually I am discovering issues around codependency, family history and unresolved child hood trauma – so please if you are here because you know someone or are someone suffering from some form disruptive addiction, once you are ready to begin the journey look beyond the actual addiction and look deep and be honest with yourself and you may just find the real root of your issues – until then success at beating your addiction may be more challenging than it needs to be!  – GOOD LUCK and I hope you enjoy reading the journey I am on. **


I am not planning on giving away who I really am or where I am, so for now my name is Aran P.I wont be able to share the details of those that help me that are themselves not anonymous already.  I will share links to any publicly available resources that I think are helpful, links to websites, support sites etc…. to help anyone that has found themselves looking for support with there porn addiction.  Any of the information here may also help those with a sex addiction or even any addiction in some small way.

The day count will move around, a positive number will represent any time after admitting the truth to my wife and a negative number will represent a time before my wife confronting me.

I probably wont release things in order and will probably keep adding to old posts as well as I find something relevant to include.

If you are here – you may have questions about your own use of pornography, to start maybe try this very basic test;

Addiction Test

Check out this video too:


My Twitter feed is here too – feel free to follow me:

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